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My photographic life

After 16 years on The Times and The Sunday Telegraph

I've been very lucky to move away from newspapers, as a photographer and latterly as a picture editor, to work for corporate clients on some amazing projects all over the world. Sometimes alone, and sometimes part of a much bigger team, striking that balance between not being too obtrusive, but getting the pictures the client expects.

When I'm not working, I'm a keen sailor, boat owner, three boys, and love to photograph our family crew and guests. We sailed the boat down in stages to Greece a while back and she was based there for four years. With the changing rules following Brexit we've returned her to the Solent, but how we do miss the clear blue bath warm seas, and souvlaki!

Today it's a rapidly evolving creative landscape where everyone's a photographer, phones take great pictures, and the results are instaneous. Carving a role for photography where so much imagery is just a bit dull, so many portraits are mugshots, sharp and smart, but lifeless, and so many events shout tedium. But the truth is with company websites, social media, there has never been a greater appetite for authentic, exciting, engaging pictures, to tell your story.