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Corporate Social Responsibility

Business giving back to society

Corporate social responsibility is important to not only consumers and companies, providing much needed funding and ideas to support communities across the world, but also raises morale within the workplace. Employees feel pride in being part of the contribution to improve lives for many, whether clean water projects in Africa, disaster relief, sustainable food programmes, or building schools.

Photography here has been part of internal communications to inform employees of the progress of projects that just don't simply ask for financial contributions from the work force, but use specialist skills to drive sustainable and ecologically aware improvements at home and abroad.

Micro financing in North Thailand to help subsistence farmers; clean water projects with boreholes and pumps in the Mara reserve, Kenya; sustainable food production programmes in Cambodia, and constructing schools in Syrian refugee camps in southern Turkey are just some of the projects it has been my privilege to cover for global corporations that have not only supplied funding but also used their knowledge learned in business to find long term solutions to massive problems in the societies in which they operate.

One global business operating in Africa and India discovered that the high rates of employee absenteeism in some urban locations were caused primarily by lack of access to the clean water locally. Giving employees access to the clean water used in production transformed both their pride in the work place and in their health. A priority for any company, whether sharing access to water to third world communities, or to Londoners looking forward to welcoming in the New Year.