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A selection of work in context

I always think it's important to put my work into the context it was produced and commissioned. These stories look behind the images and give some background to the project and the client.


When things go wrong

It was going to be a very difficult start, arriving in Bonafacio Global City, at the headquarters of one of the most famous banking service brands in the world, and trying to persuade the local HR team that I was worth the effort.


The School in the Middle of Nowhere

The children had almost no time to prepare. Deep in the bleak desert terrain south of Khartoum, the arid baking hot location seemed to present a massive challenge for any human habitation at all, let alone a large sprawling school campus.

The great harbours of the world

Aboard a 57 metre superyacht

Travelling the great harbours of the world aboard a  57 metre superyacht, it was all for the global launch of a new triple distilled malt whisky, the ‘John and Walker & Sons Odyssey’, setting sail from ShangHai, to Taiwan, then Hong Kong with Bryan Ferry, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangkok and Hong Kong, before heading out across the world to Europe to Portofino.


A car in the darkness

Having spent fifteen years covering the major annual European motor shows for our client at Geneva, Frankfurt and Paris, the company began to shift emphasis away from the vast exhibition halls competing with all the other motor manufacturers for attention, to hosting special events in a unique venue around Europe under the banner ‘Go Further’.

The deep blue sea

Crossing the Atlantic

A newly launched fifty eight foot yacht, built by the renowned Oyster yard based in Ipswich, Suffolk and the proud owner's ambition to sail her across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canaries to the beautiful island of St Lucia over a couple of months in the lead up to meeting up with the family in the Caribbean for Christmas.

A tale of control


Working with children and celebrities..

To quote WC Fields, who protested that he would never work with children and animals, we found on this assignment with the Hollywood actress Kate Hudson for a New York based fashion house's project 'Watch Hunger Stop', that both our celebrity and the children were a dream to be with...