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Business Portraits 2


Portraits don't have to be boring

Companies need regular and updated pictures of staff, some for internal or media use, with requirements varying from a formal plain background, to trying to convey something of the nature of the business, especially in dark markets where product can not easily be advertised. Many clients describe themselves as 'people businesses' and don't actually have product of any kind to show anyway.

But these important portraits don't have to be mugshots.

Some people enjoy the process of being photographed, get very involved in looking at the imagery as it is taken, making suggestions, altering how they look as I work. Others have little time, either because things are really busy and time is short, or like me, they hate being photographed at all and want to get the process over as quickly as possible.


It is still amazing to me that on many shoots, I find my subject has not only been before the camera a number of times in the past, but sadly also hates the resulting pictures.  Business portraits tend to stick around and crop up in all sorts of different ways. Getting a result that the sitter actually likes is not a bad aim for the photography.